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About Cindy

I have challenged myself to think about why I do what I do.  My dad used to ask me, “Do you want a quick answer?”  I never wanted the quick answer because it was always “No” to whatever I was requesting.  Today I am delving deeper into why I do what I do.  The quick answer is that I love photography and people and I want to capture milestone moments for them.  The more in-depth answer….one that I need to think about to make a good decision, just like my dad, is that I truly believe that each one of us are given gifts to use to bless others. 

To dig just a bit deeper, thirty years ago I was in a Bible Study Fellowship lecture about the Wise Men and their gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.   Myrrh is an aromatic resin that was used to heal the pain of a wound.  The speaker, Kathy, asked about our gifts and then asked,  “What are you doing to heal the pain of the world with your gifts?

A voice that I recognized and still remember to this day was:

Cindy, this is what I want your photography to do.” 

In the studio, I have portraits of my five grandchildren hanging on the wall.  Each portrait was taken at a special milestone.  It started when my daughter-in-law, Margo, wanted to take a portrait of her first child, Jack, when he was three years old.  We started a tradition of photographing each grandchild at that age.  It is a sweet time for me to be with each child one-on-one.  When I look at those images today, I feel the sweet perfumed memory of time gone by.  I think about the fun we shared during the session and how each session and each child is different.  As each grandchild ages, we are reminded of the beauty and uniqueness of each child.

Behind every portrait is a story.  I can tell you the story behind each of these portraits.  What is your family or your child’s story?  Let me tell your story through photography.  When I opened my business, my first tag line said: “Remembering is so much fun.”

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