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"It takes a long time to become young." - Pablo Picasso

This absolutely qualifies as one of my most enjoyable, rewarding, and fun photography sessions ever. One of the best stories he shared was about hearing the clickity-clacking of high heels coming down the hall and going into his boss' office. He quickly gathered up some papers that he suddenly needed to deliver to Sylvia's dad, the owner of the company. Jerry had me laughing hysterically and the responses that Sylvia had were priceless.

This appointment started out with Jerry wanting to be sure they both had a beautiful portrait to display for a Celebration of Life when the time comes. Let me assure you that date is way off in the future. Jerry is just the kind of man that gets his ducks in a row and makes things easy for his family.

I went to their home and helped Sylvia select what to wear, including jewelry that was special. We laughed at their home. We laughed our way through the session. We laughed our way through the ordering appointment. They were so pleased when they saw the final portraits, they no longer wanted to save them for the future, but wanted to frame them and enjoy them now.

Sylvia and Jerry were so much fun and Michelle, their daughter, said that she couldn't love these portraits any more. "And it was such a happy memory watching these photos be made. They will always be special in my heart."

Do you ave any "young people" in your life that need to feel special and need to share their story? Do they need to remember "when life was so tender?" Do you need to hear "when love was ember about to billow?" I saw smiles and happiness and it made me so thankful that I get to do what I do. Take a minute to listen to Josh Groban sing "Try to Remember" because.....

Remembering is so much fun.

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