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A note to moms of younger children from a senior mom....

This has all been so much fun, often hard and occasionally overwhelming, but so special and beautiful.  Especially in the times, that I have been able to slow down, be present and look for the beauty at every turn. The opportunity that we’ve been given to raise these little humans, has had a tremendous impact on me! I have found that each stage has be better than the one before, with its own set of challenges and rewards...and graduation and college prep is no different. Enjoy every minute.  Support your precious child in the ways the Lord has gifted and is calling them individually.  I have found parenting adolescents to be a dance between pressing in and letting go! I am so excited for this next chapter for Caroline, and for Chris and me, as we enter a new parenting chapter as well!

Thank you, Ceci Torn, for all your wisdom.

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